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is to help people value their time which would otherwise be wasted at the gates of airports by giving them a glance of the destination airport and city. When travelling by plane, especially internationally, passengers must go to the airports early in order to finish pre-flight routines. Those routines end up with a lot of free time. During this time, the mobile application LodeStar features Virtual Reality platform and offers 360º exploring and guiding experience throughout the destination city. It shows how to navigate through the inside of destination airport, where to get a SIM card, rent a car, buy a train ticket or find a taxi and even suggests which one to pick depending on your time and money constraints. From the airport to a hotel or popular touristic stops, LodeStar provides information, comments, suggestions that user needs during their travel. Although some of these features are available in other apps, LodeStar uniquely combines all of these features while providing VR scenery that adds to user experience. This will help users to effectively use their limited freetime in their journeys. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the 360º guides of LodeStar will outmatch popular means of written or verbal description.


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Home Page Mockup

Home Page

Every app needs a landing page. From this page, the user will be able to jump right in by scanning the QR code on the boarding pass. If the user has VR glasses, LodeStar will provide an even better experience.

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Trip Page

After scanning the boarding pass or entering details manually, the user will be able to learn highly relevant information about the destination country. Transport, food, touristic attractions, nearby places and a lot more.

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Flight Info Page

Some people are just more curious than others. All information available about the flight will be composed magnificently on a single page. Everything the user might want to learn about is available here.

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Currency Info Page

Since LodeStar knows about your origin and destination country, currency rates can easily be obtained. Moreover, the VR mode will even guide you to the currency exchange office in the airport.